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Saturday, May 10, 2014

[Interview|Trans] Rough translation of the questions asked to KHJ during the program (Part 5) | "Are you happy?"

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Jiangsu Satellite TV Program 〈带你看星星〉 on 9 May 2014 - Rough translation of the questions asked to HJ during the program (Part 5)

Q7: Female MC mentioned to HJ in her recent interview with his boss BYJ, BYJ mentioned that HJ asked him the question "Are you happy?" when they first met. She asked HJ why did he asked BYJ that question.

HJ: He (BYJ) did not say anything back then. I asked that question as I felt that as an artiste, it would be hard for anyone to surpass him (BYJ), be it in social status or wealth. So I wanted to know if I would be happy if I ever attained that level of achievement.

HJ went on to mention that it was only recently that BYJ replied to his question when they both went to Jeju together on a holiday. BYJ was surprised when he first heard the question from HJ. But now that he (BYJ) is working hard to be happy, he was able to talk about it and also has come to realize that maybe he wasn't as happy back then after all (and hence could not reply to HJ's question then).

Q8: Would HJ have any more surprising questions for his boss BYJ?

HJ: Nope! (smile)

Q9 (last question): Be it in acting, singing or in life, does HJ have any role model that he looks up to?

HJ: As mentioned before, I do not have any as I do not want to follow others (and become someone else's number 2). Instead I want to be Number 1 and strive to achieve a satisfying and fulfilling life through my own strengths and capabilities.

If there was a role model to follow, I would only be chasing behind others' footpath. Instead I want to create my very own moments, together with my faith, to live my life.

(end of interview)