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-Bae Yong Joon-

Sunday, February 9, 2014

[misc] My Top #3 Actresses | For Screen Partner

Hello everyone, this post is just for fun... heheh^^.  I just wanted to share my thoughts with you all here. I hope you all don't mind.. ^__^v  And hopefully with this post you all can find a bit of variety post in this blog. So i called this post as 'miscellaneous'..heheh^__^v

Well, lets get started^^. All of this time I was wondering, IF one day our Bae Yong Joon return to acting.... who's actress would be fit to be his partner on screen. ^^Maybe some of you have your own choice and opinion, since there are many of great Korean actresses.. ^^v. 

And until now, this 'Winter Sonata' couple still my favorite most of all.... <333

Yujin (Choi Ji Woo) & Jun Sang (Bae Yong Joon)

But who will be his next partner on screen (if he return to acting)?? Have you ever imagined it?? So here's my top three choice actresses whom i imagined might be fit for him on screen..hihih. But once again, this is just my personal opinion^^. And it could be changed at any time.. hehe^^v... But for now, so far, here they are:

#1. Jun Ji Hyun
I saw her for the first time through the famous drama "Man Who Came from the Star". And WOW!! She's sooo cool!! I like her acting ability, her expression and her appearance very much!! She's totally stunning!! So she is my number one choice... ^__^v

Do you know why Seongbuk-Dong, right?..hahah^^

 #2. Moon Chae-Won
If I don't see Jun Ji Hyun Ssi in "Man Who Came From The Star" maybe Moon Chae Won Ssi would be my number one choice. I really like her acting in drama "Princess' Man". Very touching!! And the way she looked at someone she loves, reminds me of our man's eyes, when he looked at someone he loves (on drama)!! So lovely!! ^__^v

So tell us please... heheh... ^__^v

#3. Lee Bo Young
Honestly I have not seen her drama. I just saw her for the first time when she became the host of 'SBS Drama Award 2013'.  So I chose her because she looks so stunning in front of the camera. And in my eyes, she has a natural beauty that can captivate any viewers!^^. But i'm sure she's also a great actress.. ^__^v

Don't speak! text only... hahaha

Wel, i guess that's all for now. But, actually whoever will be his next partner on screen, she must be a great actress. Oh! how I longed to see our man return to acting... heheh ^__^v.  

Thanks for reading everyone!! Hope someday he will return to acting!! FIGHTING!! v\^__^/v


  1. Lee Bo Young is awesome she would make a great co-star with BYJ!!! <3

    as for me i would like to see him with Ha Ji Won, Kim Hee Sun, Kim Tae Hee, Kim Ha Neul, Lee Na Young they're all great and i love them so much but to be honest Choi Ji Woo is the best haha i would love to see them acting together again ^^

    1. Hi Sarah Sama, thank you so much for leaving a comment. Glad to hear that you also liked Lee Bo Young..^__^ And for all the names you mentioned, they're all great actresses too. But yes, I agree with you, so far Choi Ji Woo Ssi is still the best co-star with BYJ... heheh ^__^v. But I hope, if one day he return to acting, he can make another achievement with a new partner on screen... ^__^v