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"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Sunday, January 26, 2014

[Old Pics] BYJ - TWSSG BTS|Horse Riding (i)

"Well, after we talk about Winter Sonata and Hotelier lately. And now, let us remember about TWSSG again^^.. although it looks like I've seen this drama about a thousand times^^ ... but I don't mind to see it a thousand times again in the future.. heheh^^...And  although I have also heard the OST for a thousand times but it still gave me goosebumps everytime i heard it.... hehehe^^..... So, I also don't mind to wait for this man a thousand years more until he returned to acting.. hahaha... Enjoy!"^^



  1. Hello Shinara, thanks for posting these pictures. Bae is super super hot, I am deeply in love with him, hahahaha. I saw The Legend a few months ago for the very first time. I was speechless because I believe this is the best show ever!!! The acting, the script, the amazing places and so on. The I felt that I needed to buy the DVD but it is difficult to buy those things in Venezuela. So, when I went to Los Angeles I bought it and I watched it again. My God, it was incredible. When The king was suffering I was suffering too, every emotion he felt I was feeling the same way. Maybe because I am from this part of the world I can´t think that the ending was great. Actually it was pretty sad. What are you think about that? Who was the right woman for him? Sujini or Kiha? Greetings my dear sis from Venezuela

  2. Hello sis Andreina! Oh Yes, i agree with you, TWSSG was an incredible drama. Winter Sonata made ​​me fell in love with this actor BYJ. But, seeing him in TWSSG that makes me more crazy about him... heheh^__^ His good looking as the king can blend in perfectly with his charisma. But honestly, I think the plot of the story was supposed to end much better than that. Probably because I love the happy ending drama... heheh^^. But how could they made a king who seemed so wise to lead a kingdom, but it turns out in the end, he was not able to make a wise decisions in the matters of love... heheh^__^v.
    So, to answer your question about my opinion who the right woman for him, sujini or kiha. For me, from the way the storyline itself, it's already seen that he should be with sujini. But for me personally, if only the plot of his love's story made ​​a little differently, it might be more touching if in the end of story Damdoek with Kiha^^. Because they love each other from the beginning. And Kiha who is initially always protect Damdoek in the beginning. And their love is clearly visible at the beginning of the drama. So for me, it can be developed with more beautiful love story. But unfortunately, the farther the drama was, the story makes Kiha turned into 'evil'. So if the story turned like that, who's viewers who willing to let the king with Kiha ?? hahaha=)) Well, see you later sis!! ^__^