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"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[Screencaps] Program BYJ Festival - Thank you! 10yrs Korean Entertainment Anniversary Start Broadcasting 1/27 | BYJ in Japan 2009

source: sayaka's blog (thankss!!)^__^


  1. Hey, sis! I regularly drop in on you in the blog to see new posts)))) Thank you very much for your work! Today I bring you greetings from my girls and warm wishes! And for this series of photo-special thank you! Feast for the eyes and a joy for the soul! )))) I share yours photos in my group, of course, with the credits))) I'm going to please girls! Good day, my sister!

    1. Hi Sis Galina, thank you so much for regularly dropping by in my blog and for the greetings^^. Very much appreciate it. I'm glad if you enjoyed it. I took these photos from sis Sayaka's blog, so all the credit goes to her..^__^ Well, have a great day to you and all Russian Baesisters as well!! ^__^ -Best Wishes-

  2. Hey, sis! Thanks for the suggestions! I gave your warm words of girls))) receives a response greetings))) Name sister Sayaka we also know, so we certainly are grateful and to her too! I always feel admiration and gratitude to those people who so faithfully and with such a good heart is doing its job. Thank you! Congratulations on the New Year by the lunar calendar! Our multi-religious country, so the New Year on the Eastern calendar, too close to us feast! We wish you prosperity, joy and warmth!

  3. Hi Sis Galina! Thank you so much for your warm words!^^ I also live in multi-religious country. But I personally did not celebrate the new year with the lunar calendar. But I respect and appreciate those who celebrate it^^ So same with you, I also congratulate those who celebrate it. Happy Lunar New Year!!^^ Well, once again, thank you so much sis. I really appreciate it! And all the best wishes goes to you as well!! ^__^