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Thursday, November 7, 2013

[Photo] Q Grader Combo Training and Exam Course, October 8-13, 2013,

 "WOW!! AWESOME!!" \^__^/ *applause*
 source: soompi/damsu/Coffee Quality Institute FB (thankssss!!) ^__^v

A glance at a recent course instructed by Miran Oh.
Taken at Vis-a-Vis Coffee Lab South Korea

DamSu: I heard wuri Yong Joon already passed the qualifying exam and is already a certified Q-grader. According to some rumors, the qualifying exam for this certification is very difficult with only 10% passing rate. You need to take 22 exams in order to become a Q-grader. So what's a Q-grader? A Q-grader is not just a so-so certification. According to my readings, a Q-grader is considered an expert in the field of coffee. Someone who can tell the difference between super good coffee and good coffee. Q-graders can tell if a batch of green, unroasted coffee beans has the potential to become a great cup of coffee or a mediocre cup of coffee. The certification is also internationally recognized. If the wine industry has sommeliers, the coffee industry has Q-graders. To learn more, you may want to click this LINK.

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