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Monday, August 26, 2013

[NEWS] Bae Yong-Jun and Park Jin-Young joint foundation ‘Holim’ is in receivership

 "Thank you for  making 'Dream-High'. It was very inspiring drama.  Although will not be 'Dream High'- season 3. It's okay. There are many other projects that can be done in the future. FIGHTING!! mmmhhh... How about 'Dream Man'??? hahaha=))) But, of course with BYJ  as a 'Dream Man'^__^v Who else??....hahaha=)))
source: soompi/damsu (thankss)
original source innolife

It is known lately that Holim the drama production company which was founded by Park Jin-Young and Bae Young-Jun, was dispersed on February.

According to the officer of JYP Entertainment, Bae Yong-Jun and Park Jin-Young disperse the joint foundation ‘Holim’ on May 31st. ‘Holim’ is the company that was invested by Keyeast having the largest shareholder Bae Yong-Jun and JYP Entertainment having Park Jin-Young.

It was founded under the name ‘Dream High’ on January 2009, and changed the name to ‘Holim’. They made the drama ‘Dream High’ and ‘Dream High 2’ on 2011. ‘Holim’ is known that it earned the much profit by ‘Dream High’.Though this success, the reason JYP and Bae Yong-Jun dispersed the Holim is that they achieved goal profit.

A officer said “There is nothing special about ‘Dream High Season 3’.”
Meanehile ‘Dream High’ and ‘Dream High 2’ made the top stars, such as Kim Soo-Hyun, Miss A Suzy, IU. Bae Yong-Jun appeared on the first episode, and Park Jin-Young challenged to acting.

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