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Monday, August 26, 2013

[Info] Please vote for Bae Yong Joon!

"Wow! It's a long instructions. Thank you so much sis damsu for sharing with us.  It's so nice of you. Very much appreciate it. I'll give it a try. Hopefully he will be stay number 1. FIGHTING!!" ^__^v
 source: soompi/damsu (thanksss!!) ^__^v

damsu : Hello everyone. as you all know, the Korean Entertainment Awards committee in Japan is currently conducting an online poll to choose the best actor, drama and actress for the coming Hanryu 10th Anniversary Awards in Japan. wuri Yong Joon is currently in number 1 in the actors category. in this regard, may i ask for your support and participation in the voting poll to keep him in number 1. (^^,) you could also vote for your favorite BYJ drama in the drama category. (^^,)

here's how:

1. go to this link: http://hanryu10.jp/ranking1/actor/#ranking

2. then scroll down. click the one inside the red box in the photo below:

3. then follow the following procedures:

>in here, you will choose your top 5 dramas that you like from top1 to top 5. in choosing one drama, follow the next steps below. you can only put one drama at a time.

>these are the BYJ dramas which were included in the poll. just copy-paste them (those in japanese characters only) on the boxes provided.
   a. 太王四神記 (TWSSG)
   b. ホテリアー (Hotelier)
   c.  ドリームハイ (Dream High) ===> there are two choices in here, click the ドリームハイ without the 2. 
   d. 初恋 (First Love 1996) ===> there are 3 choices in here, click the one with 1996 in it. [初恋(1996)]
   e. 冬のソナタ (Winter Sonata)

> after clicking the 検索 button, this will appear. click the one in the red box.

>then the image below will appear. you have to write your reason why you chose the drama in japanese characters. since we're not japanese, choose one among the reasons listed below the image and copy-paste it in the box (only the ones in japanese characters). i got this from a fan page of another actor (parkshihoo4u.com). just copy-paste those which are in bold letters. repeat the same procedure for your top 2, 3, 4 and 5 favorite dramas.

a. 様々な愛を気付かせてくれたドラマ、- the drama that makes me realize the varieties of love
b. 心を癒してくれたドラマ、- the drama that heals the heart
c. 勇気や希望をくれたドラマ、- the drama that gives me hope and courage
d. 感動で胸を熱くしてくれたドラマ、- the drama that impresses and heats up my breast
e. 切なくて涙がとまらなかったドラマ、- the drama for which I shed endless tears
f. ドキドキハラハラさせてくれたドラマ、- the drama that keeps me in suspense
g. 面白くてめちゃくちゃ笑わせてくれたドラマ、- the drama that is so interesting that it makes me laugh insanely
h. 続きが気になって寝不足にさせられたドラマ、- the drama that I keep following, resulting in lack of sleep

>now after completing your top 5 dramas, you scroll down again to the second poll which is the actors category (the most important one). the same procedure as above. click the one in the red box.

 >the image below will appear. copy-paste this: ヨンジュン in the box. then click 検索.

>if you see the image below. click the one in red box.

>again, same as in the drama category, you will have to write your reasons why you chose the actor. chose one among the choices below the image and copy-paste them (japanese characters only) in the box. if you have another actor/s to choose then you may repeat the procedure again.

a. かっこよさに夢中になった男優、- the actor whose coolness I’m obsessed with
b. 演技力の素晴らしさに圧倒された俳優 – the actor who overwhelms me with his splendid acting ability

>the third poll is for the actress category. if you want to vote for your favorite actress, you may do the same procedure as above.

>after completing the polls, you scroll down again and fill up the necessary informations just like what is shown in the images below. please include your nickname. i included the english trans below it so that you won't be confused. after filling up all the necessary infos, you may now click 送信.

>then this image below will appear. scroll down and click 送信.

>and finally, if you're successful then you will see the image below.

>it was said that you may only vote once using one email address. you can vote as many times as you want given that the email address, name and phone number is different from the previous one used. he he he. i don't know if it's allowed to interchange the email addresses, names and phone numbers. well, you may try experimenting. he he he. (^^,)

again may i ask for your support and participation in the voting poll to keep him in number 1. voting period will be until September 30. your support is greatly appreciated. thank you very much. (^^,)

and please spread the word. many thanks. (^^,)

God bless to all.

PS: if you have Google Chrome, then use it as your browser. it's very useful since it has that automatic web translator which pops out at the upper area of the screen. you just choose which language you want the web to be translated into.


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