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Saturday, May 25, 2013

[FA] meeting BYJ at Gimpo airport

source: lovebaeyongjoon

tomato:  BYJ was visiting Japan from 20-25 May. 
since it is not an official visit to Japan, not much has been revealed.  
a japanese fan, Ykoko is visiting Korea now and luckily made it to Gimpo to meet YJ returning from Japan.
she tweeted to share her experience…. thank you for sharing^^

Yong Joon-san safely returned to Korea.

Considering that Japanese would attract him more, I shouted in Japanese, “Yong Joon-san, welcome homev(^O^)/” he looked up and greeted to me.

I chose to watch Yong Joon-san rather than taking pics. I’m sorry m(_ _)m
Instead I’ll share a picture of Mr. Shin, who was here to pick up YJ.


Surprised to receive so many messages of support and giving me courage, I would like to tweet a little more in details of “the moment” to show my appreciation.


There were not many YJ family, I stood and waited in front of the fence where travel agent ajussis usually stand.

Just about 10minutes before arrival time, Mr. Shin showed up at the airport, I am convinced that it’s time for the moment d(^_^o)

people from same flight started to come out, about 10 minutes later, Mr. Shin bowed to the door which opened automatically.
He’s coming, coming!! (everything is running as I imagined, smile)

Just then, beige colored hat, off-white colored tops & bottoms with sunglasses, Yong Joon-san came out reading something.
He came out so casually, no one notices him.

He looked up when I called on him, I waved my hand to him with full smile (embarassed),
Yong Joon-san smiled and greeted to me.

He’s face was small and skin is beautiful.
After that, people started to notice him and followed YJ to the exit door.
I could not move from my place…

He got on the car waiting outside the exit and immediately drove away.
Airport was uproar after he left.
It was my first time to meet Yong Joon-san in Korea, he looked more relaxed and soft.

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