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Monday, July 23, 2012

[News] New cafe in Honolulu: Gorilla in the Cafe

Gorilla in the Café, Honolulu’s newest coffee shop focusing on Hawaii coffee has a bit more polish than the others—a gleaming Kelly-green Marozco espresso machine, carefully designed packaged coffees, an interior of glass and unfinished wood. The money behind the café: K-drama star Bae Yong Joon.

Joon consults with local suppliers and roasters (Isla Coffee for coffee, Downtown Coffee for the espresso) to showcase an impressive array of local coffees such as Rusty’s Hawaiian Honey Typica from Kau and Maui Mokka Peaberry.

Gorilla in the Cafe serves pour-over coffee and espresso drinks, all of it brewed from 100% Hawaii-grown beans.

Why a Gorilla? A reference to under or over-caffeinated customers?

No, Joon has a sister restaurant in Seoul called Gorilla in the Kitchen, specializing in healthy offerings. Says Gorilla in the Café spokesperson Tim Lee, “A gorilla is one of the strongest and leanest creatures in existence, thus the name. A lot of celebrities go to the Seoulrestaurant before filming to shape up to get into a role.”
Me, I'm not shaping up for anything, but I am going for a good cup of coffee.

Coffee ranges from $3.65 to $5.25 for a small cup, espresso drinks from $2.95 to $3.95 for a small.
2155 Kalakaua Ave.

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