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Thursday, July 12, 2012

[News] Bae Yong Jun Went to See Park Jin Young’s Screen Debut Piece

source:  CJ E&M enewsWorld Oh, MiJung
Translation Credit : Erika Kim   

Bae Yong Jun kept his promise with Park Jin Young.

Bae Yong Jun made an appearance at the VIP preview held on July 11 for the film Five Million Dollar Man. The film was Park Jin Young’s big screen debut piece.

In previous interviews, Park Jin Young has often revealed that Bae Yong Jun helps him with his acting. The two appeared together in the drama Dream High, and even produced the drama together in a foundation put together by Park Jin Young’s JYP Entertainment and Bae Yong Jun’s Key East. The two are thus colleagues and business partners.

In a recent interview with enews, Park Jin Young had said, “Bae Yong Jun monitored my appearance on tvN’s Saturday Night Live Korea also. He especially gave high points to the sketch We Got Married Again.” When asked whether he had invited Bae Yong Jun to the VIP preview, Park Jin Young had answered, “I did invite him, and he will definitely come.”

Bae Yong Jun did live up to his word. He appeared in a comfortable shirt and sunglasses, and stood at the photo wall, waving to his fans.

Japanese fans flooded the theater in which the preview was to be held due to Bae Yong Jun’s appearance. JYP Entertainment’s miss A, idols such as 2PM and YG Entertainment’s head CEO Yang Hyun Suk also attended the preview.

Five Million Dollar Man is about how the smart Choi Young In (Park Jin Young) learns of a plot Han Sang Moo (Jo Sung Ha) put together to kill him while Young In delivers 5 million dollars of lobbyist money. Young In then tries with all his might to escape from his fate. Min Hyo Rin, Oh Jung Se and Jo Hui Bong also star in the film. It is set to premiere on July 19.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, Key East

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