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Thursday, June 7, 2012

[News] Bae Yong Jun to Open New Café in Hawaii

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source: CJ E&M enewsWorld 
by Grace Danbi Hong

Fans have another reason to visit the Aloha State with Yonsama opening up a new café.

Key East, which Bae Yong Jun holds a major share of, will be opening a café in Hawaii on June 15.

Branching out of Bae Yong Jun ′s restaurant, ‘Gorilla in the Kitchen,’ located in Dosan Park in Gangnam, Seoul, another café of the same name will be placed in Hawaii.

Key East stated, “On June 15, a Key East representative will be there for the opening ceremonies. Bae Yong Jun will not be present.”

A representative of the café said, “Unlike large franchise coffee shops, ‘Gorilla in the Kitchen’ uses coffee beans directly bought from a coffee bean farm. We are planning on selling coffee, shaved ice, sandwiches, and more at the new location.”

‘Gorilla in the Kitchen’ is known for its well-being low calorie dishes, which uses only healthy and natural ingredients.

Photo Credit: Key East

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