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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[Trans] YJ is going to have a housewarming party.

Source: suehan's blog

suehan: Kim Hyun Joong appeared a radio show, “Date at Two O’Clock”, on October 17, 2011, and talked about YJ a bit. This video is about 35 minutes long, and he talked about YJ at around the 31:00 mark.

DJ: I have another question for you. I heard that you have been questioned a lot about Bae Yong Joon, and you talked about him quite often. Did Bae Yong Joon make any comments on that?

KHJ: Nope, not at all. He says nice things like I might be exhausted from an album.

DJ: He cares a lot about you.

KHJ: Yes, he does.

DJ: Do you guys call and see each other a lot?

KHJ: Yes. He invited me for his housewarming party.

DJ: Is Bae Yong Joon going to have a housewarming party? Please take pictures and post them. I’d like to see them.

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