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Thursday, October 27, 2011

[News] "Dream High 2" Cast to Be Made Up of Trainees

source: soompi
by: animalcrackers

"Dream High 2" Cast to Be Made Up of Trainees

The success of KBS drama "Dream High" definitely has many fans of the hit show on their toes in anticipation for the second season. But producers seem to be taking the drama in a new direction, as they've revealed on October 26 that the new cast will be picked from current trainees!

The drama is still co-produced by Key East Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, and instead of bringing back the original cast, the two companies have decided to bring forth their talented trainees to create a new cast of rising stars.

"We'll be using the talents amongst our trainees, and they're currently undergoing missions to begin their auditions. By next month, we'll have the cast list ready," officials of the drama disclosed. As for the original cast, they revealed, "They'll be making cameo appearances at the most."

Fans of Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young can also look forward to the two back and acting with the new cast, as it was also revealed that although they won't have a lot of screentime, they will be taking on characters of bigger impact.

Filming will begin in December, and the drama will prepare for broadcast in January. The first season of "Dream High" involved some of the hottest idol stars in the industry, including 2PM's Woo Young and Taecyeon, IU, and miss A's Suzy.

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