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Thursday, May 5, 2011

[News] BYJ recieving treatment for his neck problem

Source : xiayoi's blog / dearyongjoon
English trans by Patty (KOB)


BYJ is home with neck problem recurrence, and not going out much. He comes to office ones a while, and it seems not too bad/hard for him, not too unreasonable.

This is second time for this year he is suffering with his neck pain. First time, they had to call the ambulance middle of the filming the 'Dream High', and this is second time....
The rumor says this problem may occur because of stress from LJA and STJ's issues and problems made him worried causes to have the pain.

Also, right after the news about these two people, the stock market was way down, approximately $1.5 million lost. BYJ is the head shareholder for the company, and he owns 34.6%.
However, since LJA announcement and cancelled the lawsuit, everything seems back to normal. Since then, the stock market went back to normal and went up.

According to the Keyeast confirmation, LJA stay at home since she expressed/confessed thru her home page, she stay at home.

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