"Who are the best in their fields that the heart must come before ability, honor and money... "
"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[VOD]Still Pray For Japan

Perhaps the disaster has passed, but the Japanese people still have to rebuild their city. So, I dedicate this video for them, i pray that they can pass through this difficult time with a new hope. Never give up and never lose hope. Let's stand up for love & life!! God be with you all!!

Special thanks to Bae Yong Joon for his donations, the donations from him means a lot to them. I was touched to see the generosity and sincerity of him, he has shown us all that he stood for love. 
Therefore, through his life he deserves to be the role model for others.  I am very proud of him. And proud to be part of BYJ family..!!^_^
If BYJ has done his part, then what we've done to help them?? If we don't know what to do, at least we continue to pray for those who have become victims and suffer from this disaster.
Let's Stand Up For Love!! God bless you all!! 

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