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Monday, July 20, 2015

[Info|trans] BYJ Mobile Site | Staff Blog (2015/07/15)

"Wow!! What a wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing.  Although i'm not a member of BYJ's mobile site...TTTT,  but as a family member i will support this wonderful plan. Good luck!!" ^__^


source: yume3/ojaku's blog (thankss!!)^^

source: ojaku's blog (thankss!!)^^
 スタッフブログ 2015/07/15



さて、昨日ニュースでお伝えさせていただきましたが、ヨンジュンさんの結婚式が7月27日にシェラトン・グランデ・ウォーカーヒル アストンハウスで執り行われることが決定しました。





Rough english translation
By Shinara 

Note: This is just rough translation, corrections are welcome! Thank you. ^^

Staff Blog 2015/07/15 

Want to give a "Happy" pictures  that you want to give to BYJ! 

Hello! ~ This is Digital Adventure staff T! 

Since last weekend until this week Nationwide only experiencing the hot heat, how about your condition good or bad?

If like this make lost the appetite, but because in front of us the weather still continue to be hot, so be sure that you eat nutritions food, and
wish you have a pleasant summer.

Well, yesterday news has told us that Mr. Yong Joon has decided to celebrate the wedding on July 27 at Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Aston House.

As you have known, the hotel is a hotel for Mr. Yong Joon's  drama 'Hotelier', and also for his secom CM
taken this place.

Furthermore, the fact that Mr. Yong Joon is also general manager of honor of this hotel, and seems to have been determined by the fact that the place is impressive to Mr. Yong Joon ~
Start from now on i'm having so much fun looking forward to proud moment of two people. 

And next month August 29th is Mr. Yong Joon's birthday!

BYJ Mobile has decided the implementation of the plan to give Mr. Yong Joon a birthday and wedding gifts! 

 Want to give a "Happy" pictures that you wanted to give to BYJ!

I want to give Mr. Yong Joon's a birthday and wedding gifts of a "Happy" images from everyone of you who are BYJ's mobile members.

Photos of flowers and pets, grandson, beautiful scenery, pretty looking cakes, please send to us your valuable "Happy" photos to be ♪

We will making mosaic puzzle with the image received from you and will be presented to Mr. Yong Joon! 

[Offer period] Thurs July 16th ~ Fri, July 31st

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