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"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Saturday, May 23, 2015

[misc] Then WHO??

This post is just for fun...! \^__^/

Lately i  read a lot of comments regarding of  BYJ & PSJ  wedding plans. There are many people who are being very supportive, but there are also some people who being very negative about their wedding plans.
At first I was upset everytime i read those negative comments.

But now, when i think about some of their expectations about BYJ's future wife. I just laughed =))


Here are some of FANTASTIC criteria for BYJ's future wife based on what i read:

1. BYJ is like a SUPER KING!

Criteria No. 1 = So it means he should marry a PRINCESS??

2. Your Bride should be shinning!

Criteria No. 2 = "Shine bright like a diamond" *sing*  

3. PSJ?? Who is she?????

Criteria no. 3  = POPULAR!!

4. I didn't think real life had Cinderella stories like this

Criteria No. 4 = So how about FROZEN??? *LET IT GO!!! LET IT GO!!!"*SING*

So that means BYJ's future wife should be:
"a very popular princess who has a power and also shine bright like a diamond???"

aigooo.... then WHO is someone who meet all the criteria above???  hmmm....

PRINCESS ELSA????? She meets all the above criteria, isn't she?? #princess #shine #popular #power ...hahahaha=)

BRO?? aigooo... OPPA please..... HAHAHAHA=)))

Do you think woman like this exist in this world??? *sigh*. Let's get real for a moment!! Wake up!!!! hahaha=)))

This post is just for fun!! Have a great weekend everyone!! Good night!! ^__^

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