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Thursday, October 31, 2013

[VOD/Fancam/MV] More VOD - BYJ @Gimpo & Haneda (10/19/2013)

 "These are another VOD/Fancam/MV when BYJ in Gimpo & Haneda airport (10/19/2013). Enjoy^^
 source: Youtube

 by HeeKi taemtamin (thankss!!)^^

Love to hear the sound "whoo.. whoo..whoo.." in this vod (sound of the fans who being amazed when he getting more closer and closer) hihihi^^... i bet he definitely looks more stunning in real.... WHOAA!!" heheh^__^v

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more VOD @Haneda

2013.10.19 Bae Yong Joon 来日(羽田)
by MsYoko1210 (thankss!!)^^

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2013 10 19 HANEDA kissing You !
by yonlove2world (thankss!!)^^

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BYJ MV "BYJ公式来日2013" 
by onpu43 (thankss!!)^^

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