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Sunday, June 9, 2013

[Old Pics/MV] Beauty Of Korea

 "Maybe some of you have already watched this MV before. But i hope you don't mind to watch it again... hehehe^^...  I remember, the day after I made ​​this MV I decided to make this blog. Because although this MV about his journey to find the beauty of Korea. But for me at that time, I have discovered the beauty of Korea, which is in him... heheh^^... Enjoy!!" ^__^v
 Source: YouTube/shinara17
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  1. Right!!!!! Shinara I just got his book last week and it drive me to love him more. Did you already read it??? I can feel his love and passion for what he was searching, most of all, rediscovered himself in the process. Congratulation!!!!! for this Blog it's a beautiful way showing and sharing your feelings, passion and fidelity for him.
    Thanks you Shinara.

  2. Dear Ana Luque, it's my pleasure!
    Oh yes i've already read it. I bought his book two years ago when i went to Singapore ^__^ Because i couldn't find his book in my country. And it was very interesting for me to read about Korea through his eyes and his heart... So wonderful!! ^__^
    Well, thank you so much for visit my blog and for your compliment. I really appreciate it! And I'm glad to meet you here. Hope you enjoy it!! ^__^