"Who are the best in their fields that the heart must come before ability, honor and money... "
"The attitude should be wholehearted and truthful."
-Bae Yong Joon-

Monday, March 11, 2013

[INFO] 'MY BYJ' 2nd Anniversary

Dear Everyone,

Annyong Haseyo!! ^__^

Today March 12 , 2013 is the second anniversary of this blog.. ^__^ v

On this occasion, I would like to sincerely thank all members, friends and all visitors of 'My BYJ', for your love and continued support to our wonderful man Bae Yong Joon. With your visit to this blog indicates that you still have a great concern for this actor. Very much appreciate it. GAMSAHAMNIDA!!! *bow* ^__^v
And now, I will answer some of the questions of Bae sisters addressed to me through email or comment... ^___^

Q: Are you 17 years old girl??  \^___^/ 
A: OOOHHH!!! Although my channel on Youtube called 'Shinara17'. It doesn't mean that i am 17y.o  girl.... hahaha=))) I WISHHHH  i'm 17 y.o!!!! But unfortunately i am NOT...  hahaha....  Perhaps when i'm dealing with anything related to BYJ, I act like a 17 y.o girl.... hehehe ^__^v.  
But yes, I am still much younger than BYJ.. heheh... ^^ And since this blog is called 'mybyj29', please do not think that BYJ is 29 years old, okay?? hahaha.=))) Well, thanks anyway to sister who think i'm 17y.o... you made my day... hehehe ^__^v


Q: Are you a professional??
A: Honestly, i am NOT professional... heheheh....  I'm just one of the crazy fans of BYJ.. hahaha=))) This is my first time I became a fan of someone. So all the things that i've done so far, just because of my LOVE for this man, so I want to give my best for him and for his fans who loved him as much as i do. And honestly, I learned how to make videos just from youtube tutorial... hehehe ^__^v
So, i think... LOVE make things possible!!^^, But thanks anyway for you who think like that, i felt honored!! ^__^v

Q : Can you speak Spanish??
A: NOOO I can not!!!!  hahaha=))) I can NOT speak Spanish or  Japanese or  Korean.... even English actually is not my first language... hahaha=)) I speak BAHASA INDONESIA... heheh ^__^v But sometimes when I reply to comments, I use the help of Mr. Google to translate all that language for me... hehehe..  If I was able to speak in five languages, I think this time I've already applied to be a translator for BYJ... hahaha=)))

Well, i guess,  now you've already know... that i am just an ordinary woman who loves an extraordinary man... heheh... ^__^v

Once again thank you so much for visit 'MY BYJ'. I really appreciate it. It's an honor for me to be part of BYJ Family. Let us continue to love and support this wonderful man Bae Yong Joon!!

Stay happy and healthy always everyone!!


 Ps: I dedicated this video to all of you.. BYJ FAMILY... TOGETHER WE ARE ONE!! ^__^


  1. love your blog and videos! thank you for updating the fans on the latest about BYJ. I read that he had been in hospital last year? i hope he is recovered and working hard.
    Thank you for your dedication!

  2. Dear GalaTea, it's my pleasure. I'm glad if you like it. Thank you for visit my blog and leave a comment. I really appreciate it. Glad to know you! ^__^