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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Photo/Info] Gorilla in the Cafe tour

source: lovebaeyongjoon

lifted from Tim Lee’s FACEBOOK
these pictures were from last saturday, 2/23.
staffs of Gorilla in the Cafe are busy getting preorder goods ready for BYJ fans visiting Honolulu now to meet BYJ.
hard work for BYJ and all staff.

read tweets and blogs from the first day of the event at Gorilla on 2/25.
fans had a very precious time together with BYJ… took family photo with BYJ, had little chat with BYJ and BYJ served coffee for each fan… too envious.

i have posted some trans from Japanese blogs on our FACEBOOK, please visit and check if you have time.

i hope second day’s event goes well as today…

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