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Thursday, October 4, 2012

[News] 'Shuffle Audition Idol Made' Search for the Next Idol Star in Korea and Japan!

source: Kpopstarz /soompi /dam-su

Music channel MBCmusic, Japan's Digital Adventure (D.A) and Keyeast Entertainment of Korea have come together to create a once in a lifetime opportunity for a select group of people. An audition program called, "Shuffle Audition Idol Made" was aired for the first time today at 8AM Eastern Standard Time.
Few of the top stars from Keyeast Entertainment include Bae Yong Joon, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Hyung Joong, and Ju Ji Hoon. D.A, a famous entertainment agency in Japan manages the Japanese activities of the stars mentioned above.

"Idol Made" is an audition program that was created in order to find five members of a male idol group as well as a female "Made Girl" to manage the idol group. Everything from public recruitment, the preliminaries, the final to the boot-camp-style training will all be aired on television.

The first public recruitment began last August and the 3rd, last recruitment recently ended.
The audition drew attention because people that became famous as "ulzzangs" (pronounced uhl-jjang; means "best face" or "good looking") appeared at the audition. A model named Han Jin Ho, who is famous as "Fashion King" even appeared at the auditions as well as Lee Nam Soo and Kim Ji Bin, who are both famous for their handsome features.

MBCmusic production crew stated, "Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Soo Hyun are few of Korea's best looking stars who are represented by Keyeast and D.A. I think that is why a lot of ulzzang stamped people showed up for the auditions. It was difficult to narrow down the contestants because we had to consider appearance, singing, dance and their potential."

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