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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[News] Top 40 Korean Celebrities of Korea Forbes Magazine

source: asianstarnow


Finally, Korea Forbes Magazine made the ranks of top 40 Korean celebrities in Korea. How Korea Forbes magazine made it?

Well, they collected the data of celebrities the most browsed on portal site. From there, Korea Forbes magazine decide top 100 Korean celebrities that ever showed in many variety shows, drama, film, and sports.

Then, Korea Forbes magazine check the income of those celebrities. They calculate it until they got top 40 Korean celebrities of Korea Forbes Magazine.

Do you want to know who are they? Check this one out.
1. Girls’ Generation (Singer)
2. Park Jisung (football player)
3. Kim Yuna (Ice Skater)
4. Lee Seunggi (Singer)
5. 2PM (Singer)
6. Yoo Jaesuk (MC)
7. Lee Chungyong (football player)
8. 2AM (Singer)
9. Chu Shinsoo (baseball player)
10. Kang Hodong (MC)
11. Lee Hyori (Singer)
12. Yoon Siyoon (Actor)
13. Rain (Singer)
14. Park Chuyoung (football player)
15. Shin Mina (Actress)
16. Super Junior (Singer)
17. Wonbin (Actor)
18. Hwang Jungeum (Actress)
19. Kim Hyesu (Actress)
20. Go Hyunjung (Actress)
21. Dongwon Kang (Actor)
22. Lee Daeho (baseball player)
23. Park Taehwan (Swimmer)
24. Lee Nayoung (Actress)
25. Donggun Jang (Actor)
26. Shin Sekyung (Actress)
27. Lee Kyungkyu (MC)
28. Big Bang (Singer)
29. Lee Minjung (Actress)
30. Kyungjoo Choi (golfer)
31. 2NE1 (Singer)
32. Hyunbin (Actor)
33. Bae Yongjoon (Actor)
34. Moon Geunyoung (Actress)
35. Lee Minho (Actor)
36. Han Hyojoo (Actress)
37. Kim Taehee (Actress)
38. Park Chanho (baseball player)
39. Park Myungsoo (MC)
40. BEAST (Singer)

Forbes Magazine is the magazine for the famous people. The people who can show in the Forbes magazine is really famous and not all of the people can emerge within.

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