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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[Unconfirmed Info] Rumor about his next drama.

source: byjintoronto/MBC Drama Gallery/ suehan's blog

Last week, there was a posting on byjintoronto regarding the rumor about his next drama. It’s said that he might appear in the writer, Lee Kyung Hee’s new drama, “Four Seasons”. So, I researched and found some postings on MBC Drama Gallery that BYJ and Lee have met, and he might appear in “Four Seasons”. 

Lee Kyung Lee

The storyline of “Four Seasons” is about the love and friendship between a mercenary of the French foreign region who was adopted and a female war correspondent from their teen age years to forties. It’s also said that it will be broadcasted on KBS in 2012. The writer Lee’s previous works are “A Love to Kill”, “I’m Sorry, I Love You”, and etc.

A Love to Kill

I'm Sorry, I Love You

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